Current Projects

Ghazni SEHAT II/BPHS Project: This is 36 months project, which is funded by World Bank through the Ministry of Public Health. The project has been implementing in cluster 2-of Ghazni province and has been started on 1st July 2015.

Through this project MMRCA has been providing community, and district level primary and health facility and district hospital level health services to 524,700 population of Abband, Ander, Dehyak, Ghazni Center (Esphandi Village), Gillan, Giro, Muqer, Nawa, Qarabagh and Zanakhan districts. Details of the health facilities are:

  1. District Hospitals = 2
  2. Comprehensive Health Centers = 11 (one is semi-functional)
  3. Basic Health Centers = 14 (one is closed)
  4. Health Sub-Centers = 3
  5. Health Posts = 611

Below are the achievements (as of Dec 2015) for some of the core indicators of the project.

S# Indicator Target Achievement Percentage
1 Number of consultations /person/ year 442560 438980 99.2%
2 Proportion  of all pregnant women receiving at least one antenatal care visit 18710 20210 108%
3 Proportion  of all women receiving at least one postnatal care visit 13050 13068 100%
4 Proportion of deliveries attended by skilled workers in the facilities 4731 4626 98%
5 Caesareans section rate 5-19% 2% 2%
6 Number of current users of contraceptives 13% 32% 32%
7 Proportion of children <5 receiving growth monitoring checkups. 54270 109710 202%
8 TB Notification rate 99 115 116%
9 Cure rate among TB cases detected 90% 91% 91%
10 Proportion of children 0-11 months receiving PENTA3 12396 10633 86%
11 Proportion of children 0-11 months receiving measles1 11810 9852 83%
12 Proportion of health facilities with at least one female health worker 100% 93% 93%
13 Proportion of Children<5 years with Severe Acute Malnutrition who are recovered from treatment program 997 1867 187%
14 # of women received micronutrients  during ANC and PNC visit NA 33287 33287
15 Eye care services NA 16542 16542
16 IPD in (10)CHCs & (0)CHC+ NA 3445 3445


Community Health Nursing Education Project: MMRCA as lead agency has sub-contracted community Health Nursing Education Project as part of SEHAT II contract to a national NGO, the relief and humanitarian Development Organization (RHDO). The ultimate outcome will be the successful graduation and deployment of 24 female nurses from various districts of Ghazni province over a period of two year. The training has started on 1st Feb 2016 and will be ended in Jan-Feb 2018; the venue of the training and accommodation of students has been made in a well secure rented facility in Ghazni city.

Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme (TSFP): The project is granted by the World Food Programme and since July 2016 up to April 2016 about 28,969 beneficiaries including MAM children and MAM PLW received food commodities and are being prevented from moderate malnutrition, similarly MMRCA provided nutrition related trainings to doctors, midwives, nurses, CHSs and CHWs

Global Fund Malaria Control Project: MMRCA has been awarded by the UNDP for the implementation of THE MALARIA PROJECT FUNDED BY THE GLOBAL FUND. The Objective of the Project is to strengthen and Scale-up Malaria Prevention and Case Management to improve Health Status in Afghanistan. The agreement with UNDP is initially for six months from 1st July 2016 to 31st December 2016 and will be extended for another one year. The Project will be implemented in Aaband, Ander, Arjestan, Bahram Shaheed, Dehyak, Geelan, Giro, Ghazni City, Jaghoori, Khwaja Omary, Malestan, Moquer, Nawa, Nawur, Qarabagh, Rasheedan, Waghuz, Wali Mohammad Shaheed and Zanakhan Districts.

The project is focusing on two important activities; the case management and vector control; these two components will be supported by training of HFs staff, distribution of RDTs to diagnose malaria and ACTs for the treatment of uncomplicated Pf malaria, the prevention part will be carried out by distribution of LLINs.

The agreement is effective from the date signed below by each party and remains in force until 31st December 2017 (subject to extension for another one year).