Our Speciality

MMRCA is specialized entity in the areas of Research, Health Service Delivery, Capacity Building and Public-private partnership, thus the organization has set of specific strategies for the areas above; fully operational and in use by the organization. These strategies are developed considering the need of the country programs and have the flexibility to adopt with change in country need of specific programs.

MMRCA Research Strategy:

MMRCA research strategy is based on evidence from its collaborative research involving stakeholders and communities in identification, and prioritizing their needs.

MMRCA believes on only programs and interventions that are designed on the basis of the perceived needs of the community and that will achieve acceptance of the community and developmental benchmarks of the government and donors.

Thus MMRCA aims to act and advocate for interventions on the basis of data and evidence from the different groups of community obtained through different studies in the individual, community and institutional levels.

MMRCA strives to maintain the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct in order to merit the trust and confidence of its partners, stakeholders and the public at large. MMRCA through its research strategy will follow the following steps;

  • Finding Research Study or research project
  • Developing concept of methodology and study requirements
  • Submission of research proposal
  • Developing research plan
  • Review of data and collection of primary data
  • Data verification, confidentiality, analysis
  • Interpretation and report writing
  • Presentation and dissemination

MMRCA has carried out the following studies through its competent staff:

  • HIV Surveillance among high risks groups
  • Baseline Household Survey in Badghis, Daykundi, Nimroz and Nuristan Provinces:
  • End of Project KAP Survey Afghanistan Water Sanitation and Supply Project supported by IRD/MSH
  • Micronutrient initiative KAP Survey
  • UNICEF, Education program third party monitoring project:
  • KAP Survey of religious leaders wives on family planning


Details of these projects is discussed under the list of projects


This strategy is supporting the Public Health of Urban and Rural Poulation through the provision of PHC/BPHS, EPHS and other vertical projects and intervention. MMRCA through this strategy is currently implementing a nine million USD Project as briefed below,


Funded by the MoPH through ARTF and is implementing in nine districts of cluster-2 of Ghazni Province through 2 DHs, 11 CHCs, 14 BHCs, 3-Sub-Centers and 321 HPs. Details of the project is coming under the list of projects.


MMRCA through this strategy has been providing on job initial, long term and refresher trainings. MMRCA has been implementing the following capcity building trainings to its clients. In addition to specific training projects MMRCA has been providing short term training to its project staff at central and field level.


This strategy is supporting the nutritional status of poor and rural Afghans, who are vulnerable and are in high risk in terms of nutritional status and food security. MCPA will support initiative and interventions which are focusing on foos security and nutrition via,

  • Food availability through supply management and distribution
  • Food access through need assessment surveys
  • Nutritional surveys and identification of population who are predisposed and in high risk of food insecurity


MMRCA’s this strategy is focusing on empowering communities to support initiatives focusing on Gender mainstreaming, civic education, good governance, democracy, Human rights, women rights, capacity building, support to electoral process, through media, religious leaders, women empowerment and other locally acceptable interventions.


This aims to support initiatives and interventions to provide best quality services to the users using blend of government and private expertise and efficient utilization of the available resources. At present MMRCA is supporting the Kabul Medical University Eye Care Tertiary Hospital through this mechanism.